Mountain Honey with Pine Nuts

The pure taste of the Tyrolean mountains


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The unique mountain honey with forest flower pollen, mountain flower nectar, Alpine herbs, and roasted Swiss pine nuts offers a special gourmet experience.

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Mountain Honey with Pine Nuts

The nectar from alpine mountains and herbs from partly untouched nature together with pollen from wildflowers make this mountain honey so unique. Refined with roasted Swiss stone pine nuts, this extraordinary treat from the Alps will undoubtedly draw a big smile on your face!

A small note: the taste of this mountain honey can slightly vary from glass to glass. This occurs because the bees collect flower nectar from different flowers depending on the season.

Enjoyment tip from Tyrol
Take this honey specialty together with a freshly baked wholewheat bread to a Sunday brunch with friends or family. They will be amazed!

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