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About Alpenländische Spezialitäten

Real Alpine specialties are culinary treats treasured by a great number of people around the world. With offering these particular specialties, high quality, fine taste and affordable prices we would like you to get a piece of the alpine flair directly delivered to your home. And this is exactly what our company's work is all about. Our special focus is on the high product quality which can only be achieved with excellent raw materials. To make sure that you can profit from enjoying your Alpine specialties, the special focus is on the best and most renowned production companies which process and refine farmers' valuable raw materials according to our strict quality guidelines and our company's philosophy in a high, continuous quality.

We lay particular emphasis on cooperating with regional herb farmers and specialised mountain farming businesses that commit to their traditional cultivation. Only in this way, vegetables, fruits and herbs required for producing these Alpine specialties are turned into a pleasant and unique taste experience in the production process. True to the motto of understanding and cooperating with nature, all of the company's actions find their way into the healthy Alpine specialties!